Cygen Labs  Cygen Labs: Titan Test (30 serving)

Cygen Labs: Titan Test (30 serving)

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Titan Test (30 serving)
  • Cygen Labs: Titan Test (30 serving)

    • Increases Natural Test
    • Increases Strength
    • Supports Hormonal Balance


    Testosterone is a powerful hormone with the ability to control sex drive, regulate sperm production, promote muscle mass and increase energy just to name a few things but as men age their testosterone levels slowly start to decline which can cause a variety of problems. Using a testosterone booster is a great way to naturally balance your hormones and get your testosterone levels back to normal.


    Titan Test is full of great ingredients that are proven to up your test levels. Lets take a look at what you’re getting.


    400mg Magnesium L-Aspartate - A deficiency in Magnesium is know to lower test level and since magnesium evaporates from the body through sweat anyone who hits the gym or lives in a warm environment is likely to have a magnesium deficiency.

    10mg Zinc L-Aspartate - Zinc is one of the 24 essential minerals need for human survival but humans can’t synthesize it or have a storage system for it. That means that we need to get adequate  amounts from food or through supplements daily. Again research has shown that a deficiency in Zinc is likely to lower test levels.

    1500mg D-Aspartic Acid - Is an amino acid that works in the central region in the brain to cause a release of hormones. This release of hormones is shown to alleviate a rate-limiting step of testosterone synthesis which in turn raises test levels.

    400mg Fenugreek - Is a herb found in Arabic regions and India. In one study Fenugreek was shown to increase serum testosterone over an 8 week period in male who were resistance training. Fenugreek has also been used to increase libido and masculinity

    250mg Tribulus - A flowering plant found native to regions of Europe, Southern Asia, Australia and Africa. It has been shown to boost test levels, increase libido and help with erectile disfunction (ED)


    Now all the ingredients are great on their own but put together they create a powerful product that is sure to raise your testosterone levels.


    If you’re ready to become a Titan in and out of the gym then look no further than Titan Test!



    Take 1 full serving on an empty stomach before bed with 250ml of water. Use continuously for an 8 week period to see optimal results

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