Cygen Labs  Cygen Labs: Tru-Trim (60 serving)

Cygen Labs: Tru-Trim (60 serving)

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  • Cygen Labs: Tru-Trim (60 serving)


    Cygen Labs Tru-Trim offers a scientifically supported fat loss blend that has been proven to help you lose those extra pounds.The unique blend of ingredients in Tru-Trim will help you lose fat while keeping you energized and focused. Tru-Trim has a very simple but very effective formula with no added fillers. These ingredients are sure to help those pounds melt off. Not only is TruTrim effective at burning fat it is also delicious so taking it won’t be a chore.


    Per 1 serving:


    • 100mg caffeine- An effect dose of caffeine is around 200mg but the more caffeine you take the more likely you will start to feel jittery or anxious. Tru-Trim has the perfect dose to keep you feeling energized and focused without any of the negative side effects.


    • 2g L-Carnitine- Is a natural nutrient that plays an essential role in transporting fat into the mitochondria (the furnace of the cell). The most effective dose is between 1-2g per day


    • 250mg Fenugreek- Helps body composition when used in conjunction with a weight training program 



    Mix 1 serving in 200ml of water. For optimal results mix 2 servings in 400ml of water.

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