SD Pharmaceuticals  Dendrobium 600 (60 caps)

SD Pharmaceuticals: Dendrobium 600 (60 caps)

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Dendrobium 600 (60 caps)
  • SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600

    Dendrobium, a member of the orchid plant family, is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dendrobium is native to southern Asia, and has been used in China for more than 1000 years as a tonic and strengthening medicine. The most widely used species, Dendrobium nobile, is known for its potent medicinal properties, supporting the health of the stomach, kidneys and lungs. More recently, the powerful alkaloids of Dendrobium have also been shown to stimulate physical strength, boost energy and endurance, and sharpen mental focus.

    SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 is a standardized Dendrobium nobile extract with a high-potency alkaloid content, delivering an amazing boost in physical energy and endurance.

    Dendrobium's Major Chemical Constituents

    • Alkaloids: Dendrobine, Dendramine, Dendroxine, Nobiline, Dendrine, 6-hydroxydendroxine, 8-hydroxydendroxine, 3-hydroxy-2-oxodendrobine
    • Volatile Oils: manool, ionone
    • Phenolic Substances: denbinobin
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