Prairie Naturals  Prairie Naturals Enzyme Force with Fibrazyme (140 V-Caps)

Prairie Naturals: Prairie Naturals Enzyme Force with Fibrazyme (140 V-Caps)

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Prairie Naturals Enzyme Force with Fibrazyme (140 V-Caps)
  • Enzyme Force with Fibrazyme


    • Full Spectrum Digestive Enzymes
    • 100% Non-GMO
    • Increased Nutrient Absorption



    Prairie Naturals Enzyme Force is a full spectrum digestive enzyme blend that contains protein digesting, fat digesting and carbohydrate digesting enzymes along with a fibre digesting blend known as Fibrazyme.


    Digestive Enzymes are enzymes found naturally in foods that promote the breakdown of foods in the body. These enzymes are extremely effective but can be destroyed by a number of different factors including the cooking process, radiation, food processing, etc. This fact makes it very important to supplement these enzymes to improve overall digestion and nutrient absorption.


    Prairie Naturals Enzyme Force provides your body with high-quality, high potency plant sourced enzymes that will keep your digestion on point. The benefits of digestive enzymes go far beyond digestive support however, they can increase energy and vitality, balance pH levels in the body, strengthen the immune system, reduce muscle soreness and inflammation just to name a few.


    Since modern food manufacturing can severely reduce the amount and effectiveness of digestive enzymes it's best to supplement them into your diet and there is no better option than Enzyme Force by Prairie Naturals!


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