Body Nutrition  Gardenia (2.09 lbs)

Body Nutrition: Gardenia (2.09 lbs)

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  • All Natural Vegan Protein by Body Nutrition

    Gardenia is the perfect all-natural vegan gourmet protein. Gardenia is made of a blend of pea, quinoa & hemp proteins, all non-GMO and Gluten-Free. There’s also a 4000mg Phytosterol Blend consisting of Ashwagandha, Coconut, Dragon Fruit, Maca, Acai & More!

    Gardenia Profile

    We chose a combination of non-GMO pea, quinoa & hemp proteins for their hight protein values, complete amino acid profiles and sustainable harvesting. They are processed using minimal extractive techniques that allow us to concentrate their naturally-occurring proteins while eliminating unwanted starches and sugars. We also carefully select and partner with our farmers to ensure that we use only the most sustainable agricultural methods designed to protect our delicate ecosphere through organic and conscientious growing.

    We complemented Gardenia's proteins with a selection of the very best greens, superfruits and botanicals. These plants provide key phytosterols, antioxidants and vitamins and minerals to help promote recovery, cardiovascular health, free radical scavenging and general health and well-being.

    Gardenia Unique Points

    • Best Tasting Vegan Protein available - If you have been let down by the flavor of vegan proteins before, Gardenia wil change your mind!
    • 20g Plant-Based Protein per Scoop - Raw & Sprouted pea, hemp & quinoa protein blend
    • Full Spectrum Amino Acid Profile - Complete with 2.7g BCAAs & 3.5g Glutamine
    • Phytosterol & Antioxidant Blend - Each serving contains 4000mg & 11 ingredients including: maca, cupuacu, goji, ashwagandha, acai, pomegranate and more
    • Prebiotic Fiber & Enzymes - Prebiotic inulin fiber & protease, aminopeptidase, hemicellulase enzymes promote digestive health

    Gardenia's 4000mg Antioxidant Blend

    Gardenia ingredients


    Mix 1 scoop (38g) in 8-12 ounces of water, almost milk or another beverage. Shake until dissolved.

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