interACTIVE  InterACTIVE: Absolute New Zealand Whey Concentrate (2lb)

interACTIVE: Absolute New Zealand Whey Concentrate (2lb)

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  • InterACTIVE: Absolute New Zealand Whey Concentrate



    • 23-24g Protein Per Scoop
    • 100% New Zealand Whey
    • No Artificial Ingredients



    An Isolate or a Concentrate?


    InterACTIVE makes both a Whey Protein Concentrate and a Whey Protein Isolate but what exactly is the difference?


    In simple terms, an Isolate is more processed than a Concentrate. This further processing removes extra carbs, fats, sugar and lactose which results in a product that is almost 100% pure protein. This higher yield of protein per scoop results in a slightly more expensive product.


    A Concentrate on the other hand is left in its more natural form which results in a product that contains slightly more carbs, fat, sugar and lactose. The yield of protein is usually 70-80%. Being less processed means that a Concentrate still contains intact growth factors that usually get processed out of an Isolate. The price of a Concentrate will also be less than its Isolate counterpart.


    There is no clear cut winner as to which product is better. Both products will benefit your muscle growth but depending on your diet and budget one may be a better option for you.


    Absolute's Whey Protein Isolate or Whey Protein Concentrate are both great choices but whichever you choose you can be assured that the protein you receive is of the highest quality. Each product contains 100% New Zealand Whey, is free of artificial ingredients, and is GMO free. You can't go wrong with either of these products!


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