Allmax Nutrition  Leucine (400g)

Allmax Nutrition: Leucine (400g)

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Leucine (400g)
  • Increase Protein Synthesis and Prevent Muscle Breakdown

    • Stimulate Protein Synthesis
    • Preserves Lean Muscle Mass
    • Promotes Muscle Recovery
    • Precursor for Nitric Oxide Synthesis

    How Does Leucine Work?

    Leucine has been researched and known to activate an anabolic pathway (mTOR) that stimulates muscle protein synthesis, and this is important for building lean muscle mass. Muscle cells are always on the lookout for leucine. And if they find many leucine molecules, they conclude that there must be a lot of amino acids present and start to produce more muscle protein. And BCAAs are metabolized in the muscles, making it an essential nutrient for protein synthesis and for preserving lean muscle tissue.

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