Magnum Nutraceuticals  Magnum After Burner (72 caps)

Magnum Nutraceuticals: Magnum After Burner (72 caps)

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Magnum After Burner (72 caps)
  • Magnum: After Burner (72 caps)


    Make the most important part of your day, your sleep, even more important by burning fat during those 8 hours.


    After Burner is the brand new fat loss product by Magnum that has the ability to: 

    • Increases fat loss
    • Reduces food cravings 
    • Increase thermogenesis while sleeping
    • Increase metabolic rate


    After Burner has multiple ways to reduce fat but one of the main ways is by activating your own brown adipose tissue. The human body contains 2 types of adipose tissue, brown and white. White adipose tissue is located on your stomach, love handles and buns. Brown adipose tissue's primary function is to generate heat and it does this by burning white adipose tissue. So activating your brown adipose tissue will help burn the fat on key areas of your body.


    After Burner also uses key ingredients that alter your metabolism so that you are using fat as your main energy source. Another bonus of After Burner is that it contains zero stimulants of any kind. That means that anyone can take it without feeling anxiety, jittery or crashing.


    • 1500mg Sesamin- Sesamin is a lignan derived from sesame seeds that can be described as a fatty acid metabolism modifier. It actives genes that promote fat utilization and deactivates fat storage. 


    • 250mg Hops P.E- Hops extract has the unique ability to ignite thermogenesis in the brown adipose tissue of the body. Hops can also prevent the absorption of fat in the intestines meaning that the body absorbs less calories which results in weight loss.


    • 50mg Fucoxanthin Extract- Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid found in seaweed that has been known to reduce fat mass and also improve carbohydrate metabolism. Improved carb metabolism means that the carbs you eat are shuttled to your muscles and not to trouble spots like the waist and hips.



    To maximize fat burning consume 3 caps right before bed

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