Mammoth Supplements  Mammoth Isolate (2lbs)

Mammoth Supplements: Mammoth Isolate (2lbs)

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  • Why choose an Isolate?

    An Isolate is the perfect option for someone looking to build some serious muscle. Isolates will be low in carbs, fats, sugar and lactose while still remaining very high in protein. In essence you get all the benefits of protein with no added fillers to effect your diet. An Isolate is digested much faster than a concentrate or a blend of proteins which makes it a great option for right after the gym. The faster your protein digests the faster your muscles begin to repair.


    Why Mammoth Isolate?

    Mammoths brand new Isolate is an advanced formula featuring 100% Whey Isolate as its protein source. That means there are no filler aminos or amino spiking going on here. The amount of protein on the label is exactly what you’re going to get.

    Mammoths Isolate is derived from Cold Temperature processed Cross Flow Microfiltered (CFM). Thats important because the resulting protein is completely undenatured and is highly bioavailable. The more bioavailable your protein is, the better your body will use this protein. Having a protein that is used more efficiently by the body means that your recovery will speed up and you’ll be making gains sooner.


    • 30g Protein
    • 0.5g Fat
    • 0g Sugar


    Recommended Use

    Mix 1 scoop with 6-8z of liquid to get desired consistency.


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