Nutrabolics  Mass Fusion (16 lbs)

Nutrabolics: Mass Fusion (16 lbs)

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  • Mass Building Gainer by Nutrabolics

    When it comes to forcing your physique to unreal proportions, absolutely nothing compares to the evolved, size-defying science in every 16lb bag of Nutrabolics’ revolutionary new MASS FUSION formula.  Tirelessly researched and designed to outweigh the competition, every ingredient found in MASS FUSION is precisely formulated to help drive up the scale – and your lean muscle gains. 

    Based on an innovative five-stage sustained release amino acid enhanced protein matrix, the core blend of compounds in every 950 calorie serving of MASS FUSION works synergistically to engulf every facet of your anabolic machinery and throw it into overdrive.  This super dense blend includes a mega-dosage of powerful muscle-building amino acids, fast-absorbing hydrolyzed and fractionated Waxy Maize carbs, and our signature SUPERFATS™ lipid complex.  These elements will keep you anabolic for hours and are designed to provide support in blasting up to your target size.

    Whether you’re a hard gainer or simply looking to take your physique to previously uncharted territory, increases in muscle size are virtually limitless with MASS FUSION. 

    What makes MASSFUSION™different from “other” weight gainers?

    Science. Many weight gainers are notorious for boosting their total calorie count by simply using a giant serving size. The bigger the scoop, the more calories in the gainer! Other more unscrupulous companies simply load their formulation up with a boatload of simple sugars and tons of fat. Of course, when you consume these “gainers” you experience a massive insulin spike and your body starts storing fat by the minute. You’ll gain weight alright, but it will be right around your gut! You could have done that by eating donuts and pizza! Your aim should be to gain lean mass not fat mass. Insulin spikes caused by low-quality gainers make you feel lethargic which is going to prevent you from tearing things up at the gym. MASS FUSION™ is the most advanced gainer of its kind and is based on the latest research on lean mass stimulation.

    Time Released Carbohydrates

    MASS FUSION contains the trademarked complex WAXYBOLIC™ which is a revolutionary new time-released carbohydrate matrix. This component helps stabilize insulin fluctuations in the bloodstream while increasing glycogen retention and cell volumization. The unique carbohydrate sources are ultra low in sugar and contain hydrolyzed and fractionated waxy maize starches! Nutrabolics is the only company in the world licensed to include this complex in their muscle building formula.


    Research shows that Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are needed to optimize anabolic hormone levels while supporting muscle building and fat loss. In fact, if you’re not taking in enough EFAs, you’re robbing yourself of muscle gains right now! Each scoop of MASS FUSION™ contains a synergistic complex of superior-quality "lean" fats (including  CLA and MCT Oil) needed to maximize growth potential.

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