Precision  Mettle (800g)

Precision: Mettle (800g)

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  • The Ultimate BCAA Intraworkout Optimizer

    Mettle is packed with 10 grams of BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio. BCAAs are building blocks for muscle growth and will help keep your body out of a catabloic state protecting muscle mass and promoting a positive nitrogen balance. With 2.5 grams of Glutamine you will be able to speed up recovery from a grueling workout and support growth hormone release. Precision also adds in 1g of citrulline to help oxygenate your muscles during your workout and allow for better pumps during your workouts.

    Benefits of Mettle:

    • 10g of BCAAs per serving to recover while you train
    • Ingredients to buffer stomach acid so you get the full potency
    • Pathways nutrients that maximize your body's own protection
    • Fully instantized & Sugar free
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