MuscleTech  MuscleTech: GAKIC 2.0 (128 caps)

MuscleTech: GAKIC 2.0 (128 caps)

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GAKIC 2.0 (128 caps)
  • GAKIC 2.0


    • Fatigue Resistance

    • Increase Strength & Power

    • More Explosive Reps

    • Increased Muscle Volume

    • Stimulant Free

    • Effective Instantly


    GAKIC 2.0 is a scientifically formulated product proven to increase performance in high intensity training. GAKIC's unique formula is designed to increase muscular endurance while at the same time increasing strength. 


    For continuous muscle growth you need to constantly outperform yourself. This requires steadily increasing your strength and performance in the gym. GAKIC 2.0 is going help you do this by allowing you to train longer without muscle fatigue with a significant increase in strength. Subjects studies under the use of GAKIC 2.0 had an instant increase in strength by 10.5% and an increase in fatigue resistance by 28%. GAKIC will increase blood flow to working muscle, giving them more explosive power and strength while at the same time providing muscles with the nutrient distribution they need. 


    Unlike many creatine products GAKIC 2.0 is effective instantly. You do not need to do any loading phases or cycling with this product like you would with some creatine supplements. Simply take it before you workouts and perform.


    Key Ingredients


    L-Glycine: Is a non-essential amino acid with the simplest structure out of all other amino acids. This makes L-Glycine very easily combined to other amino acid chains and in turn makes space for larger amino acids to be joined. This makes L-Glycine a very favourable amino acid to have for many bodily functions.


    L-Arginine HCI: Is a non-essential amino acid that increases oxygen and blood flow to your muscles. This particular amino acid is responsible for many different bodily processes. 


    The combination of L-Glycine and L-Arginine has shown to create an increase in creatine synthesis.


    Alpha-Ketoisocaproic: Is a keto acid of Leucine. It is also considered anti-catabolic especially during times of intense exercise. During strenuous exercise the body begins to break down in order to continue energy output (catabolism) thats why KIC is incredibly valuable to any athlete wanting to improve their performance. KIC also stimulates insulin secretion.


    Suggested Use: Consume 1 serving 45 minutes before intense training sessions.


    For another great non stimulant pre workout supplement by MuscleTech checkout Peak ATP 

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