Active8 Canada  Organika Kava Kava (60ml)

Active8 Canada: Organika Kava Kava (60ml)

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Organika Kava Kava (60ml)
  • Kava Kava is a tall shrub that grows in the Pacific Islands. Traditionally the root is used as a ceremonial drink. The roots are chewed and spit into a bowl of coconut or cold water. The mix is then filtered through coconut fibers and emptied into a separate bowl for consumption. The drink is served in island communities of the South Pacific as a social beverage, and in ceremonial ritual to welcome guests and dignitaries.

    Kava Kava root is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine for its calmative properties, helping to produce feelings of relaxation to relieve anxiety, restlessness or nervousness. Kava Kava can also function as a mild sedative or sleep aid.


    • Promotes calmness
    • Acts as a mild sedative
    • Contains 30% Kavalactones

    Directions: Take 1 teaspoon (5ml) two times per day.

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