Perfect Sports  Perfect Sports: BCAA Soda Series (40 servings)

Perfect Sports: BCAA Soda Series (40 servings)

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  • Soda Series BCAA

    For all those pop drinkers out there who can't seem to kick that one vice of enjoying a fizzy soft drink in the course of the day, this is the BCAA supplement for you. You can now enjoy that fizzy pop drink without the guilt of consuming 30+ grams of sugar per drink.  The new Soda Series is a breakthrough BCAA product that tastes just like your favorite soft drinks... and yes it's fizzy too!


    • 100% Pure Instantized Vegan BCAA's
    • Ultra-Unique Soda Series Flavors
    • No Sugar or Carbohydrates
    • No Artificial Colors


    The ALL NEW Soda Series BCAA is fortified with 5 grams of pure Instantized Vegan BCAA's which will help you build muscle, prevent muscle breakdown and increase protein synthesis in the body. Not only do you get to the pleasure of enjoying this so loved selection of soft drinks, at the same time your aiding the body in it's recovery from your workouts. 

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