PharmaFreak  PharmaFreak: Protein Freak (2lbs)

PharmaFreak: Protein Freak (2lbs)

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    Developed by food scientists PharmaFreak’s protein freak is a hybrid protein supplement perfect for the person looking for the benefits of slow and fast digesting proteins at a great price.


    ProteinFreak consists of both Whey protein concentrate (WPC) and Milk Protein Isolate. 

    Whey protein is derived from dairy and is the by-product of the cheese making process. The whey concentration process filters out most of the milk, fat and lactose leaving only protein. The resulting protein is 70-85% pure protein and is a great source of natural branched-chained amino acids(BCAAs). Since this mixture is a much slower acting protein it gives the body a constant source of amino acids.

    The whey protein isolation process, however, is a much more through process. The resulting protein is 90-94% pure protein. This mixture is digested much fast and is ideal to use immediately after working out. The faster your body can digest protein means the faster your body begins to repair itself.

    Most protein supplements on the market today focus on only one form of protein filtration but not ProteinFreak. ProteinFreaks blend of both protein types gives them a lot of versatility when it comes to uses. This supplement can be used as a post workout recovery shake to repair muscle tissue or it can be used right before bed to keep you anabolic for 8 hours.


    ProteinFreak is the perfect protein for any situation.

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