Gaspari Nutrition  Gaspari: Plasma Jet

Gaspari Nutrition: Plasma Jet

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Plasma Jet
  • Plasma Jet

    • Incredible muscle pumps

    • Enhanced Blood, Oxygen, and Nutrient delivery to muscles

    • Maximum Vascularity & Vasodilation

    IT’S BACK! and better than ever. Plasma Jet is way ahead of other Nitric Oxide boosters on the market today. No wonder Gaspari made it part of their “Legendary Series”. The thing is, every other intro oxide product on the market will only raise you NO levels when you take it. All though its what you want when you buy a NO product Rich Gaspari calls that narrow minded. Thats why he has brought the Nitric oxide category to a whole new level. Rich has created a brand new 3 stage approach to provide “intense” vasorelaxation, Instant Nitric Oxide Production, and Plasma Jet also focus’s on the Arginase enzyme, which actually stops Nitric Oxide. These unique ingredients help fight against losing your pump, that way you can actually use NO for anabolic reasons.

    These compounds and their rapid release delivery allow your body to maximize your NO production, immediately. Within minutes of your workout, you will see your veins swell in size and start force feeding your muscles with anabolic agents, right from your first dose. Put Simply, Plasma Jet goes above and beyond boosting Nitric Oxide in your body. Plasma Jet will boost your nitric oxide, increase anabolic nutrients to your muscles, keep you Nitric Oxide levels elevated way beyond just your workout. Also Plasma Jet will stop your body fighting against the high levels of NO in your body, this keeps your pump lasting much longer than other products, and helps Nitric Oxide to provide anabolic benefits as well.

    Recommended dosage

    Gasperi recommends taking 4 capsules 30-45 minutes before you workout. But, because Plasma Jet is incredibly anabolic, the amount of muscle fibers brought on but this product and the appropriate recovery time needed, it is recommend to not take Plasma Jet more than 5 times in one week.


    The Stack

    Although Plasma Jet is a fantastic product on its own, we would recommend stacking it with Carbs, such as Karbolyn. Carbs help with proving you with amazing pumps when you workout, they will definitely make you feel fuller and bigger.


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