Protes  Protes Protein Chips (Box of 24)

Protes: Protes Protein Chips (Box of 24)

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  • Protes Protein Chips


    • High Protein Snack
    • Non-GMO
    • 100% Vegan


    Protes Protein Chips are a High Protein, Low Carb, Low Fat, Gluten-Free snack that is the perfect substitute for potato chips. Everyone knows that potato chips dont belong anywhere in a healthy diet but Protes Chips are unlike regular chips. Their quality ingredients, low calories and fibre content are the perfect addition to any diet. Not to mention their unbelievable taste!


    Protes Chips are made using only natural, unaltered ingredients, the way nature intended. The main ingredients in Protes Chips include Pea Protein and Sunflower oil.


    Pea Protein is said to be one of the best proteins for humans to take because of its ease of digestion and lack of allergens. Studies have also shown that Pea Protein may benefit Blood Pressure and Kidney Levels.


    Sunflower Oil is another super ingredient found in these protein chips. Sunflower Oil is high in Vitamin E which fights free radicals and benefits the Immune System. It also promotes good digestion, keeps cholesterol levels at a healthy level and acts as a moisturizer which help cells retain water.


    With these amazing ingredients its hard to believe how incredible these chips taste but one bite will have you forgetting that you're eating protein chips!


    Enjoy this snack after workouts, between meals at the office, at school or whenever you feel like a healthy snack.


    If you're ready to try a healthy snack that puts regular potato chips to shame then its time to try Protes Protein Chips.

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