Allmax Nutrition  Razor8 Blast Powder (285g)

Allmax Nutrition: Razor8 Blast Powder (285g)

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  • Highly Concentrated Pre-Workout Supplement

    • Insane Strength and Vascularity
    • Explosive Focus and Energy
    • 60 servings (1 scoop)

    Ingredient Profile

    ATP Enhancer / Myofibril Acidification Buffer

    • 4.5g of creatine monohydrate and 1g of highly bio-available Creatine HCL for rapid increases in Strength and Size. (for 2 scoops) 
    • 585mg of CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, which increases muscular strength and endurance, especially when stacked with creatine.

    Endothelial Expansion / Hemodynamic Volumizer

    • Multi-patented Nitrosigine is the latest in Nitric Oxide technology delivering 4x the blood flow with truly impressive bioavailability and even more impressive results. Nitrosigine is so powerful that preliminary tests indicate 5x the blood vessel expansion over Arginine HCL.
    • HydroMax is a proprietary high-potency glycerol that functions to draw water away from skin and into the blood.

    Not only do you get Nitrosigine and HydroMax to give you great pumps, but you also get:

    • Classic Arginine HCL and Arginine Taurinate to increase your overall pump and N.O. production.

    SNS Stimulation / FFA Release / Beta Antagonist

    • Pharma-Grade Synthetic Caffeine 
    • Hordenine HCL (for mental focus and fat metabolism)

    Polymethoxylated FFA Release Extension / Hyperlytic Acceleration

    • Naringin (grapefruit extract) (prolongs the stimulant effect)
    • Yerba Mate Green Tea (providing caffeine and antioxidants

    The last two blends work together to make sure you have extended energy and focus without a crash because of the stimulation action of 2 caffeine analogs (Hordenine HCL and Yerba Mate Green Tea) which also upregulate thermogenesis, and pure plymethoxylated alkaloids (Naringin) to dramatically extend their action in the body. This means that Razor8’s formula will help you build muscle with its strength and pump ingredients, but also help you stay energized and burn fat with it’s stimulant ingredients, so you can sculpt the perfect body. 

    One amazing addition to this great formula is that Razor8 Blast Powder contains:

    • no fillers
    • Zero sugar/zero maltodextrin
    • 100% Free of artificial colors or dyes

    This is awesome if your trying to stay away from artificial colours and sugar!

    Directions for Use

    Before training, mix 1 scoop of Razor8 Blast Powder with 1/2 cup or 2 scoops with 1 cup of cold water. Stay adequately hydrated. Note: Highly concentrated. Never exceed 2 scoops of Razor8 Blast Powder at one time.


    Tips For Razor8 Users:

    If you have never used Razor8 before, I would recommend gaging your tolerance with 1 scoop at first. If you find 1 scoop to be tolerable or if you have used it for a few workouts already and are comfortable with the strength, I would suggest increasing to 1.5 scoops. 1.5 scoops was a great strength and worked extremely well for myself for multiple containers. 1.5 scoops gave just a bit more kick, great focus, as well as a good pump. So if you feel 1 scoop is more then tolerable increase the dose to 1.5 scoops, you may find that dose to be the sweet spot for Razor8. I eventually worked my way up to 2 scoops for intense training, but never exceeded 2 scoops.

    And Razor8 Blast Powder stacks great with Allmax Hvol and Allmax Beta-Alanine to complete your workout experience.

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