PharmaFreak  Ripped Freak Keto (255g)

PharmaFreak: Ripped Freak Keto (255g)

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  • Ripped Freak Keto


    • Fat Loss & Energy
    • Endurance & Performance
    • Mental Focus


      Ripped Freak Keto is a brand new weight management product from PharmaFreak which is powered by BHB Ketones.


      What are BHB Ketones?


      BHB Ketones otherwise known as Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is one of 3 Ketone Bodies (from fat) which fuel the body extremely efficiently. Instead of the standard glucose for energy, Ketones fuel the body in a much better manner. BHB Ketones are the most stable of the 3 main Ketones which is why BHB Ketones are more highly sought after. So in essence you are using fat as an energy source opposed to carbs or glucose.

      • Increase Energy
      • Reduces Inflammation
      • Enhanced Mental Focus
      • Increases Insulin Sensitivity


      So now that we understand the benefits of Ketones lets get to the other components of this great formula. Ripped Freak Keto is also a full pre workout formula composed of clinically studied ingredients and doses to not only aid in fat loss but also enhance muscle performance as well.


      These key ingredients include Tyrosine, Caffeine, Panax Ginseng, Beta-Alanine and Carnitine which all work with BHB Ketones to further enhance its effectiveness. Along with incredible fat burning results you can expect to improve your muscle performance and endurance along with some very sharp cognitive/mental focus.


      Anyone looking for a fat burning product that can also be used as pre workout fuel look no further than Ripped Freak Keto by PharmaFreak!


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