SD Pharmaceuticals  Synephrine 30 (60 caps)

SD Pharmaceuticals: Synephrine 30 (60 caps)

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Synephrine 30 (60 caps)
  • SD Pharmaceuticals Synephrine 30

    Benefits of Synephrine 30

    • Accurate and consistent dosing of precisely 30 mg in every capsule!
    • Perfect compound to stack with other fat burner products to maximize fat loss!
    • Great to use for a pre-workout boost or to stack with other pre-workout products.
    • Great to use when you need improved mental focus and alertness without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.

    Why the need for Synephrine 30?

    Health Canada recently enforced a nationwide ban on the sale of supplements that contain both synephrine and caffeine. This has forced many supplement manufacturers to reformulate many of their products that contain both synephrine and caffeine. Pharmaceutical-grade synephrine offers some major advantages over synephrine supplements derived from plant Citrus aurantium. It is difficult to accurately standardize any herbal ingredient such as Citrus aurantium for a specific percentage of synephrine, and to do so consistently from batch to batch. That is why pharmaceutical-quality synephrine is much more effective than its herbal counterpart.

    How to Use:

    Take 1 capsule 1-3 times daily as needed.

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