Lorna Vanderhaeghe  THYROsmart (60 veg caps)

Lorna Vanderhaeghe: THYROsmart (60 veg caps)

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THYROsmart (60 veg caps)
  • THYROsmart by Lorna Vanderhaeghe

    • Enhance thyroid health
    • Encourage healthy weight loss and metabolism
    • Boost energy levels
    • Improve comversion of T4 to the more potent T3
    • As nutritive support for hypothyroidism treatment

    Thyrosmart from Lorna Vanderhaeghe is a great addition to your current treatment plan if you suffer from thinning hair, menstrual problems, lethargy, or any of the other symptoms already discussed; however, it is important to remember that hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism will also require medical treatment and Thyrosmart is not a replacement for this treatment. Instead, Thyrosmart promotes thyroid health and improves thyroid functioning so that your other treatments are more effective. Ingredients in Thyrosmart have been shown to increase levels of T4 and promote the conversion of T4 to T3, ensuring appropriate hormone levels.

    What Are Thyroids?

    The thyroid is an important part of your endocrine system, and one that influences nearly all of your body's metabolic processes. Thyroid diseases range from minor concerns that do not require treatment to life-threatening conditions including cancer, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism. Fortunately, most thyroid problems are treatable or can be managed under a physician's care.

    Depending on whether you suffer from hypo- or hyperthyroidism, the symptoms can vary significantly. Hypothyroidism is generally associated with the following symptoms:

    • Fatigue
    • Weight gain
    • Constipation
    • Lack of mental focus
    • Low blood pressure
    • Fluid retention
    • Depression
    • Body pain

    What Does THYROsmart Do?

    As you can see, conditions that affect the thyroid are associated with a number of undesirable symptoms. Fortunately, Thyrosmart from Lorna Vanderhaeghe is an excellent, natural supplement that helps to manage the symptoms of thyroid disease while promoting thyroid health. Indeed, Thyrosmart helps to improve energy levels and metabolism while restoring hormone balance. Essentially, Thyrosmart makes a great addition to your current thyroid treatment as it improves the conversion of T4 to T3.

    Located at the front of the neck and below the larynx, the thyroid secretes two main hormones that regulate metabolic processes: triiodothytonine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). When these hormones are deficient, hypothyroidism results (a condition that affects an estimated 2 in 10 women). Thyrosmart provides nutritional support to your current thyroid treatment so as to reduce many symptoms including low body temperature, weight gain, fatigue, depression, sensitivity to cold, headaches, dry skin, and reduced libido.

    Tyrosine is an amino acid that is used to make thyroxine, a necessary thyroid hormone. Tyrosine assists a sluggish thyroid and can aid the loss of those unwanted pounds.

    New Sensoril Ashwagandha has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine to support the thyroid gland. Studies show that it enhances thyroid function and produces a significant increase in T4 thyroid hormone.

    Guggal Extract supports complete thyroid health while enhancing the conversion of T4 hormone to the more potent T3 hormone. Guggal extract and ashwagandha should be used together to support thyroid health.

    Pantothenic Acid supports the adrenal glands, increases energy, and helps you better handle stressful situations.

    Iodide (potassium iodide) is essential for the production of thyroid hormones. Now that table salt is often eliminated due to fears of high blood pressure, North Americans often do not get enough potassium iodide to support proper thyroid health.

    Copper and Manganese - A deficiency in these nutrients can contribute to hypothyroidism. Supplementing with these as well as vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E along with the mineral selenium will ensure optimal health of your thyroid gland. MULTIsmart is a delicious powdered multivitamin with minerals that includes all of the above supporting nutrients as part of a complete formula. Combined with THYROsmart, MULTIsmart will provide proper thyroid nutrition.


    Take 2 capsules per day with food or as directed by a health care practitioner.

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