Allmax Nutrition  Waxy Maize 2300

Allmax Nutrition: Waxy Maize 2300

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Waxy Maize 2300
  • Waxy Maize 2300

    • Instant Glycogen Muscle Volumizing
    • High Molecular Weight Carb Fuel
    • 100% sugar free
    • Mixes great
    • No Water Retention, and No Bloating

    Allmax Waxy Maize 2300 is the best source for Carbohydrates. Along with its low osmolarity rate, Waxy Maize 2300 has no sugar, and no gluten. Waxy Maize 2300 has a molecular weight 3000 times better than Dextrose and creates no bloating and no water retention. Along with all those benefits Waxy Maize 2300 also stacks the best with Creatine, Beta-Alanine, and/or Arginine, because Waxy Maize 2300 is able to pull these nutrients across the intestinal wall which increases their absorption rate significantly.

    Waxy Maize 2300 assists in quickly replenishing Glycogen stores, which is vital during your workout. But Waxy Maize 2300 also helps spare muscle protein, making it a perfect intra-workout drink. Waxy Maize provides immediate muscle energy and minimizes fatigue during your training session, while maximizing glycogen and muscle proteins. It will not cause an insulin spike, so it is safe to consume as an anti-catabolic product. While many waxy maize supplements tend to clump up and make it hard to consume and mix, Waxy Maize 2300 mixes very easily and quickly in cold water, and stays mixed throughout your intense workouts.

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