Allmax Nutrition  ZMX² (90 caps)

Allmax Nutrition: ZMX² (90 caps)

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ZMX² (90 caps)
  • Allmax ZMX² The Next Generation of ZMA Supplements


    • Improved Sleep Quality
    • Reduction in Recovery Time
    • Increase in Strength and Endurance



    Allmax's all new ZMX² will change the way you think about ZMA products. Allmax has combined Zinc Gluconate, Magnesium Chelate and Vitamin B6, in the advanced Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate form, to create one of the most bioactively available ZMA products on the market today. Anyone serious about their health can't pass on this product.


    Magnesium can be found in a number of foods but our modern diets have severely reduced the amount we get per day. A Magnesium deficiency can be caused by a number of factors including excessive coffee, alcohol, soda, salt, sweating and even prolonged stress. In fact recent studies have shown that the average adult only gets about 60% of the dietary Magnesium than they did 100 years ago.


    Zinc is another micronutrient that is not commonly found in our traditional diets. Deficiencies in Zinc can be found in a variety of people including athletes, vegetarians/vegans, and those who sweat a lot.


    Deficiencies of these minerals has been shown to reduce strength, lower testosterone, weaken immune system, result in poor mental focus and various skin issues just to name a few. In fact a Zinc deficiency is one of the leading risk factors in disease worldwide.


    With so may problems caused by deficiencies in Zinc and Magnesium its important to make sure you get adequate amounts of both through diet and supplementation and that's where ZMX² comes in handy. Allmax's new ZMX² uses highly bioavailable forms of Zinc and Magnesium along with next gen absorption technology to fully utilize these minerals so you'll never be deficient again!


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