New Chapter  Zyflamend™ Herbal Joint Pain Reliever (120 Caps)

New Chapter: Zyflamend™ Herbal Joint Pain Reliever (120 Caps)

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Zyflamend™ Herbal Joint Pain Reliever (120 Caps)
  • Zyflamend™ Herbal Joint Pain Reliever


    Relieves Joint Pain & Inflammation

    Helps Neutralize Free Radicals

    100% Vegetarian


    Zyflamend™ is a full-spectrum blend of 10 medicinal herbs that has been proven time and time again to reduce inflammation, relieve joint pain and improve overall well being.


    Although inflammation is a natural healing process of the body it can sometimes manifest as severe pain. This pain can lead to reduced mobility and stop you from doing the things you enjoy, but with Zyflamend™ by your side inflammation & joint pain will be a thing of the past!


    New Chapter has developed a comprehensive formula containing 10 medicinal herbs which not only improve joint health and reduce inflammation but also help neutralize free radicals that cause cellular damage. Zyflamend™ contains 2 different forms of Tumeric (used in herbal medicine as an anti-inflammatory) 2 different forms of Ginger (shown to ease inflammation and relieve muscle & joint paint) alongside a host of herbal antioxidants including Green Tea, Rosemary & Holy Basil.


    In fact studies suggest that the unique ingredients found in Zyflamend™ have a powerful synergistic effect on one another. This means that the blend of ingredients work much better together than if taken individually.


    If you're tired of living with achy joints and want something that will give you total body relief then Zyflamend™ by New Chapter may be just what you're looking for!


    Directions: Adults—Take 1 capsule 2 times daily. Take in the middle of large meal with 250 ml of water.



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